Luggage sets

Sometimes one suitcase just isn’t enough. Our range of luggage sets are perfect for families and big packers alike so you can coordinate colour, style and practicality when travelling. Our best luggage sets come in a range of sizes: simply pick and choose which to use and be assured that all our lightweight luggage comes with great internal organisation and is made with high-quality materials. Check out our matching 2 piece and 3 piece luggage sets now!


Recommended retail price: € 330,00 € 297,00
Recommended retail price: € 316,95 € 285,25
Recommended retail price: € 331,95 € 298,75
Aero Racer Luggage set
Recommended retail price: € 470,00 € 329,00
Recommended retail price: € 380,00 € 342,00
Recommended retail price: € 390,00 € 351,00
Recommended retail price: € 470,00 € 423,00

Travel in Style and Convenience with Luggage Sets

3 Piece Luggage Sets:

Our 3 piece luggage sets are perfect for longer trips or for those who need a variety of sizes for different types of travel. These sets typically include a large check-in suitcase, a medium-sized suitcase for carry-on use, and a smaller case for personal items or as an additional carry-on. With a variety of colours and designs available, you can travel in style and with ease.

2 Piece Luggage Sets:

If you're looking for a more streamlined luggage option, our 2-piece luggage sets might be just what you need. These sets usually include a larger suitcase for check-in and a smaller carry-on bag, which is perfect for those shorter trips or weekend getaways. Our selection includes both hard shell and soft shell options, so you can choose what works best for you.

Lightweight Luggage Sets:

For those who prioritise convenience and effortless travel, our lightweight suitcase sets are an excellent choice. Made from durable materials and designed with practicality in mind, these sets are perfect for travellers who want to avoid the hassle of heavy luggage. With both 3 and 2 piece options available, you can choose the size and style that works best for you.

Hard Shell Luggage Sets

If you're looking for added protection for your belongings, our hard shell suitcase sets are a great option. With a variety of colours and designs available, you can travel in style while also having peace of mind that your belongings are well-protected. These sets are perfect for longer trips or for those who need extra durability in their luggage.

What are the benefits of buying a luggage set?

Buying a luggage set can provide a number of benefits, such as ensuring that you have the right sizes and types of luggage for all of your travel needs, as well as ensuring that all of your luggage matches in style and colour. Additionally, buying a set can often be more cost-effective than buying individual pieces of luggage.

What is a good size for a luggage set?

The right size for a suitcase set will depend on your individual travel needs. In general, a set that includes a large suitcase, a smaller carry-on, and a duffle bag will be sufficient for most travellers.

Can I mix and match luggage sets?

Yes, you can mix and match luggage sets as long as the pieces you choose are similar in size and style. This can be a good way to customise your luggage to your individual needs and preferences. At American Tourister, you can make personalised luggage and suitcase sets.